Would it be possible to remove a pickguard from a les paul without damaging the guitar? And would it be possible to put it back on if you've taken it off, without damaging the guitar?
you could, but there would be screw holes. you could thread the screws back in to fill the holes, but it might look a little strange with 2 (or more?) random screws in the side of the body.
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It would look better than with the pickguard on. So you're saying I could just put the screws back in? In a les Paul there are only 2 screws for the pickguard, so it wouldn't look too bad
It's just two screws....
very easy.
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I heard theres something you have to desolder as well. In addition to unscrewing it.
I just unscrewed my pickguard right off. No grounding issues, no soldering, just a screwdriver. It leaves 2 marks, but one is on the bottom of the guitar and the other is right next to the pickup, and almost invisible from like 10 feet away
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Nothing to de-solder ... some LPs don't have the PG installed out of the box.

Unforunately the 2008 LP standard has no pickguard except on the goldtop and ebony versions...and I want the ebony without the pickguard.

Thanks all