Well I've been playing guitar for aournd 6 months now. Since I've started playing I've only down picked and not alternate picked.

I was picking much faster just using downstrokes than I am now Alternate picking. I googeled this for a good hour but I can't find any good exercises on how to increase my alternate picking speed, so It'd be heldfull if you posted what you practice for it.

All help is apreciated.
ez just use a metronome. time your down strokes and upstrokes to the metronome, start slow then gradually increase when you're comfortable.
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how about you check out the exercises sticky
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Well alternate picking is just the same as downpicking with the extra stroke added. You might be tensing up when you're going down, which will actually give you less control and less freedom of movement to do the upstroke.

When you're doing it right you will know because alternate picking 4 notes per beat (semiquavers :P)is just as easy as downstrokes at 2 notes per beat (quavers :P).
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how about you check out the exercises sticky

Seriously...do people just ignore the stickies to be annoying or something? Go there. You'll die before you run out of exercises.
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