Why is this panned so far to the left? If you can help it you should really not do that LOL if anything pan the guitar and vox a little to each opposing channel. I dont hear any fuzziness; actually your voice is really clear. You're a pretty good singer, you sound like a more mature Connor Oberst. The progression is pretty standard but you did something interesting with the rhythm so it ends up sounding pretty unique. If I could suggest anything composition wise it would be to sing some harmonies in the background, some higher ones would be pretty awesome.

c4c? "For All Those Burning"
That was really good, man. I'd try to get a friend to master it a little better. Centre pan it, add a touch more bass frequencies in the acoustic and a little more mids to the vocals.

Vocals are really good, lyrically and melodically. Your voice is really good. It's unique, but not like James Blunt crazy or anything.

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I liked it. The chorus was great. The verses got a little repetitive after awhile, but still engaging. I really like your voice.

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Definitely a good track, you have a very nice voice that goes great with the this style. The guitar playing was ace and I loved the dynamic contrast you had. You really dug in at some parts, but you knew when to back off. The guitar tone did seem a little thin, but that was probably more of a recording issue. Keep it up man! c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1235553