Hello everyone,

So, I am in the process of buying my first tube amp--as a replacement for a starter park Line 6 Spider III--and I'm considering these options, and any advice or feedback would be appreciated.

Fender: Either the Junior Pro, Blues Pro or Blues Deluxe (I'm buying ebay or craigslist, so all used. Price is a concern. Also a concern is size. I know the blues models are about 35 and 40lbs, not to mention I don't play gigs (yet--one day I might! wouldn't that be something!))


Peavey: Classic 30

The type of music I play is, well, varied. I have a gibson les paul studio and love the crunching sounds of Page or Jack White, or anyone that can wail. I also like a good cleans blues tone. I also own a metal zone MT-2 pedal that I stole from my brother.

Again, any input would be fantastic!

Thanks lots,


PS. Also, other amp suggestions would be appreciated. I know the ones I mentioned have very bluesy sounds to them. I'd love to spend in the mid to low 300s (used).
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Classic 30 all the way. I love Fender, but the Classic 30 just sounds better to me in that price range.

Also, try a Bugera V22 or V55, both great and in your price range. You may be able to pick up a Vox AC15 used in that range as well.
Im gonna second the Classic 30. Small, loud, blues machine. You really cant go wrong.
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