Hey all...so the band broke up half a year ago (story of my life), and I've outgrown my whole "metal" phase. I needed something new to, at the very least, quench my gear whorish personality and I really wanted to...dare I say...tone it down a bit and return to the basics and home recording. Therefore....new amp day!

Fender Vibro-Champ XD...local store had a few left in stock. They haven't been good sellers at the store and they decided to keep their Black Friday special on them so I got it for $150. Definite score. I used to have an early 90s MIA 4x10 Deville and it was quite the sweet heart so I had pretty high hopes with this one. Turns out these new Vibro and Super Champs are fun little amps! I just totally had to share, haha.
That's pretty sweet. I'm in the process of amp shopping now. How's it sound?

I've been looking at this and the Super for awhile. Sorry for the threadjack, but how do the two go in the cleans department?
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That's pretty sweet. I'm in the process of amp shopping now. How's it sound?

It sounds pretty damn good for the price. Single channel, but it's got 16 different voicings...first half are mostly models of past and present Fenders, then the latter half include more of the distortion/overdriven tones. Not much of a fan of the distortion voicings, they get pretty fuzzy and muddy, though its possible to get a nice crunchy rhythm out of a couple of the lower gain voicings. Great variety of cleans, from chimey to darker, which sound phenomenal for the price, and some nice overdriven tones for leads/dirtier blues playing.
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