Hey guys, I just finished writing a new track. This one is a bit more heavy than the usual stuff i write. Check it out its called "In the name of the Son" tell me what you think, criticism is welcome. thanks guys
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Your mix sounds pretty ok, if anything, a tiny bit more low end on the guitars and louder drums would be nice, and turn down the synth a bit. Your riffs and grooves kick alot of ass; the part starting around 1:11 made me smile, and your timing is impeccable throughout. The bass that comes in around 3:35 is a little too loud for my tastes. The solo, I just will never be able to play things like that, nice work.

c4c? "For All Those Burning"
+1 on the stuff Will said. Synth is too loud on the melodies.
It seems to be clipping a lot, check your levels (or it could just be fuzz).
Try putting more dynamics on the drums.
The solo guitar... how can I put this... it seems your hands aren't synchronized, it sounds like the sound comes after the pickstroke.
Overall I liked it.