I want to write a love song. But I want it to be more along the lines of "Tears Don't Fall" by BFMV or something like that. I don't want it to be an easy-going-everything's-ok type of song. I want it to be fairly "dark" and sad. Any tips? Thanks.
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Go To an old man's funeral. Take a look at his wife. You'll know how love works when everything ain't Easy-going-everythings-ok.
overall when wanting to create a "deep" song with that precisely in mind you end up doing pretentious and too-over-the-top things.
Just try looking at the matter from a more sober and serious view and bring your own poetic side into play. I think the most important thing is that you maintain the serious tone in the lyrics and be careful not to put ANYTHING that could possibly be unintentionally funny thats the worst that can happen in lyrics like that
Other than that good luck.
That's like asking an artist how to paint well, or asking a basketball player how to dunk.

Just write man. If it sucks, it sucks. My stuff usually does. If over a few months it starts to suck less, keep on it. If you never get better ... well, maybe you're not good at writing lyrics. It happens. I know I'll never be a great singer. We all deal with our limitations.

The only real advice I can give you is to listen to great lyricists, and read a lot of books. Whenever you read, always be on the look for metaphors and phrases to rip off. Good writers for what you want:

Paul Simon
Tom Waits
Tori Amos
Ryan Adams
Kris Kristoffersson
Other people can't tell you how to be "deep". Just don't try too hard, you'll end up sounding like a pretentious douche
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If you want to write deep lyrics, don't go writing another melodramatic love song.

This. This. This. This.
This. This. This. This.
This. This. This. This.
This. This. This. This.
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drink a LOT of caffiene, stay up really late on a caffiene/sugar high, and pour your heart out into random lyrics. The next morning, youll read it and it will make perfect sense.
Write a poem about anything that makes you wonder. If it's depressing, you got what you're looking for. If it's not, wait till you've wrote something that is depressing and thought-provoking. Nothing deep is gonna come out when you force it. It's well-worth the wait.

"Blurry" by Puddle Of Mudd is an awesome example. It has emotion, the words are like bullets piercing the soul (wow, I wrote that?). It really makes you (or me) experience the situation.
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'Ol Yeller is actually a really good movie to watch for what you're looking for. Ya its just a dog, but if you look at introspectively, Along with a movie like "Charlie", you can get some really good insights and inspirations for a "Darker" non easy-going kind of lyrics you are looking for.