I wrote this today, I was trying out some new drum sounds, so I'm hopeing they sound more realistic, but I kept my traditional kick sound, since its the only good one I can find. But for this song I tried to go a more postive kinda Alternative type progression, but it still has some thrash influences in there, but the tone is much cleaner now, I replaced the battires in my DS-1, so its much clearer. I played this in Drop A#, like always.

How did I do?


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Drum pattern is pretty quality ('specially the china cymbal but im a sucker for those); throw some fast compression and a light reverb (like room sized) and they'll sound much more fitting.

Your progression is definetly alot less heavy than other stuff youve got up but it retains a metal edge, I like it, would be great with some ballsy vox. Tone is ok, a little more gain would work well for the rhythm guitar.

pretty nice... solo mmh not so great. it seemed to go nowhere., but overall pretty nice. intro i liked a lot


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The drums sounds really cool, pattern wise. The sounds are pretty poor I think. You need to vary some velocitys and EQ them a bit. Add a little reverb and they should sit nicely in the mix.

I really like your rhythm sound. Greta for this sort of music. The riffs were good and the solo was ok. I liked the melodys you used in parts. I think with vocals, like Lamb of God style maybe? this would sounds really quite epic.
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Thanks, yeah, the solo was improvised, and I know nothing about lead guitar, so I was just going with the flow really, so I never expected it to be all that great, its more like harmonizing guitar than actual lead. I'll try some reverb on the drums and see what it does.
I really like the riff that comes in at about 46 seconds. Really adds some variety to the song. Drums sound alright i think.

The mix here is good. Nothing sounds muddy or runs together so keep that up.

Other than that i think vocals could add a lot to your songs. I'd like to hear this with some lyrics over it.