I wrote this over the course of a couple of days due to a relationship struggle. The lyrics really strike a chord in my heart and I wanted to see what UG thought.

By heavy, I don't mean like screaming metal or anything. Just real distorted guitars and heavy drums and bass.

[Verse I; heavy intro that carries on into the verse]
Explain to me
Teach me to believe
Why it shouldn't be

And the truth?
Destroying my head
Taking me away
And my cries, please let them subside.

[Chorus; heavy]
For 10 minutes
I wish I could hold your hand
With out fear in my heart

Over my dead body
I wish you'd open up
And divulge to me your fears

[Verse II; quieter clean guitar with arpeggios and softer drums and bass; rhythm in general gets very simple]
Soft explosions
Shatter my sleep
Breaking me down

And the truth?
Taking me away...
And my eyes, please let them dry inside

[Chorus; still clean, but the rhythm does more movement, the last line of the last couplet builds back into a heavy riff]
For 10 minutes
I wish I'd hold your hand
Without fear in my heart

Over my dead body
I wish you'd open up
So I'll flee

[Repeat heavy intro, then move to noisey guitar solo that eventually fades into an ambient sound-scape with no centre chord progression; picks up into a piano/bass warm yet sad sound]
[Verse III]
Walk away
Purge your soul of me
Erase all the memories

They only bring us tears
And I've seen...
...not all I need to see.

Erase me. Erase me away.
Away from you.

[song ends back into the sound scape]


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