I've had a 120 watt Spider 3 for about two years now, and i started hating it about 6 months ago when i joined a band. The gain sounds like shit. I'm justf having a modeling amp. I was looking to trade it in (and using some of my own money) for this.


I play a lot of metal and hardcore, like August Burns Red, Lamb of God, The Devil Wears Prada, and Mudvayne. Obviously, some good and heavy distortion is a must. I mostly use a PRS SE Singlecut. Sometimes I'll bring out my Ibanez RG though.

Does this seem like a good deal?
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crate sucks dude! dont go there---

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I'll bet that the tone changes will be evident, but I doubt that it will be enough to wow you. Have you played the crate? I understand the need to change up from the spider, Ive done it, as many others have. I still have mine though. The MP3 input and headphones make it a great late night practice amp, firing up the 515o can get loud, but I can play with the post gain on .5 too, but options are good.

If you like it, go for it. I dont think that it will be much of an upgrade. Not that I want to be an elitist and tell you not to get something, but for 299, you can get a used HT-5 and youd be one happy man tone wise, functionality, well thats another thing.

Heres some questions...

How many Channels do you need?

Whats the top end budget? - (Understand that you may not get more than $75-$100 on the high end of a GC trade)

Do you use/want to use pedals?

Combo man / Stack man?

Gigging with this guy? Home Practice player?

should help with your search for a great metal amp.
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well now i know haha. thanks guys. any recomendations at around 300-400 price range?
i only need like 2 channels. i like back to basic stuff, which is kind of redundant saying i bought a spider 3. i prefer combos and i do plan on gigging.
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well now i know haha. thanks guys. any recomendations at around 300-400 price range?


If you use this with an OD pedal like a Metal Muff or something, you can get some pretty heavy tones.

Plus 22 watts is fine because you can just use a PA.
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hell i would just save a little more and get the peavey valveking 112 ... 65 watt tube amp and i think it sounds hella good for stock.. and u can always upgrade the speaker and tubes down the road.. this is on my wish list..
Check out the Randall RG75 G3+, they're on musiciansfriend.com for just under $300. I plan on buying one for myself with my holiday cash. Great metal tone on it's own, simple two channel design.
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