hey people

im looking to get an identical guitar to one i already have (for different tunings) and to make them look visualy different i was thinking of putting fretboard decals on one or both.
now im not interested in the tree of life or iron crosses or any symbols really, i want text like Mick Thomson's "HATE" & "SEVEN" guitars or the schecter "blood avenger" so basically are there any sites out there with fret decals that provide letters?


check your local auto shop, not like a repair shop, but one that deals with decals,vinyls, paints, ect.

some shops will allow you to create custom decals/vinyls. however, im not to sure how you would have to create them... you would probably have to get them to make somthing up for you.

other than that, check out ebay sellers who can make custom decals/vinyls. should be the same deal.

im not sure if the decals are anything differant from the ones that you could get custom made, but its worth a shot atleast.
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There's a chance you might wear the decal away after a while. Also, depending on the backing material of the decal, you might get nasty residue that will make everything sticky and gross.

Have you considered getting the same guitar in a different color?
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Inlaying a guitar is extremly expensive, considering you most probably will have to change your fretboard.

well if hes got not inlays or simple dots then it can be inlayed, usually refretted aswell which is a double plus