Hello, I bought a new Epiphone Les Paul Standard.
It seems it has a lot of buzz on the B string (10).
When I hold my finger over it on the nut, it goes away.
To be clear, it is not fret buzz. It happens only when the string is open.

Does anyone know how to fix this without me going out all the way to the store, again?
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Hire a guy to hold your nut.

Take that however you will.

Otherwise, go back to the store. Either the first fret is loo high, or more likely the slot for the B string is cut too low in the nut. Touching it doesn't stop it from buzzing by itself, but it might stop it from vibrating enough that it hits the first fret, which causes it to stop buzzing.
is it a buzz or more of a rattling sound? i would check to make sure everything on the tuning peg is tight
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It sounds like there is some clear plastic over it making it buzz, if you know what I mean.
@Jean, I don't want anyone holding mu nuts, lol.