I downloaded this version of Coldplay's Fix You a while ago. This morning I fixed up some piano/organ chords, completely fixed the drum track, tweaked the vocal track (lowered the octave and changed the tone) and overall made it sound better than the one before, IMO.

The attachment is my "tidied-up" version of the song. Is tidying up a tab and reposting it okay. If so, have I done a good job and can I post this to the database?
I did the exact same thing with another tab (fixed organ drums and vocals) and it got rejected so...
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So...mods? Admins? Is there an official rule on this? Because I've seen a lot of "tidy-up" tabs for a song like Master of Puppets (for example).
We don't accept corrections as a new tab. You can post the correction in comment of existing tab.
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