so im getting a fender 59 bassman reissue this week, but i still have a few unanswered questions that i was hoping you could help me out with..

ive got a custom made 2x12 cab with a celestion vintage 30, and a celestion greenback in it (16ohms). i want to use it with the bassman, but im not sure if you can even hook up an extension cab to that amp. anyone know if thats possible?

second, the bassman is 60 watts, but the cab has 2 different speakers with 2 different power ratings.. i never had to worry about this before because ive only used a 20 watt head with the cab. the vintage 30 is rated at 60 watts, but the grenback is only 25 watts. im afraid the greenback will blow if i use it with the bassman. or do those 2 speakers combine power and make the overall power rating 85 watts??

so yeah, im a little confused. any help/information would be greatly appreciated. thanks everyone!
I believe the Bassman reissue has a speaker out jack in addition to the default one but don't quote me on that. The combination of the V30 and Greenback would be 50 watts. The power is distributed equally between the speakers (provided the Ohm rating is the same) so the max you'd be able to put in is the lowest wattage rating (25w) X the number of speakers (2). It will be fine though, provided you're not cranking it for long periods of time.
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oh awesome, thanks a lot. i think i might just have to switch out the greenback with another v30 because its going to be played pretty damn loud most of the time