hey guys im here to ask you if you guys know any "instrumental acoustic songs" because its really hard to find any because most songs have vocals in them.
nothing like eric clapton because he has vocals something else


any tabs for acoustic instrumental? thanks
"Acoustic Medley" by In Flames.

Andy Mckee has alot of instrumental acoustic pieces, although they are pretty hard to nail. Check them out, personally I'd recommend "Rylynn".

"Classical Gas" is an instrumental piece of music that has been played by god knows how many guitarists. Tommy Emmanuel has a pretty powerful live version on Youtube, try checking it out (and if you don't appreciate it, I'm fairly sure there's a version out there that fits your style - try searching a bit).

Also worth checking out are some of the acoustic pieces by Opeth. Although they have parts including vocals, I find them to be fairly easy to pick apart and rearrange as purely instrumental. Try listening to "To Bid You Farewell", "Benighted" and possibly "Face of Melinda".

"La Catedral" is a more or less classical guitar piece, and while I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, it's absolutely beautiful, and worth checking out. The first hit on Youtube by Denis Azabagic is a good rendition of it.

That's about all I can think of, hope I've been of some help