I've got wonderful axes for sale, the first one is a 2001 J-Custom RG1680x with Double-Edge.
The guitar is 100% original and almost mint, just one tiny ding on back of the body, except of this no scratches, just absolutely perfect. As you can see from the pics the frets are almost new (no they wasn't changed) it was just being taken out of a case every few weeks to check if everything is ok. I had it checked by the best luthier I know last week.
It's an exquisite beauty - just look at the pics. OHSC included.


Color: Deep Red (DRD)
Body: Mahogany with Flame Maple Top
Bridge: Double Edge (Lo-pro w/ Piezo)
Pickup, Bridge: Dimarzio Steve's Special (H)
Pickup, Middle: Dimarzio Blue Velvet (S)
Pickup, Neck: Dimarzio PAF Pro (H)
Hardware: Cosmo Black
Fingerboard: Rosewood w/ offset dot inlay
Fingerboard Radius: 430mm
Neck: 3 pcs. Maple/Bubinga J-Custom (JCM)
Width at Nut: 43mm
Thickness at 1st Fret: 19.5mm
Scale: 25.5 inch
Thickness at 12th Fret: 21.5mm
Width at Last Fret: 56mm



Price: €2000

The second one is brand new Ibanez Prestige S5470 SOL I had it for a month, but it had a maximum of 5 hours playing time.
If you're planning to buy this guitar save some cash and buy from me.


Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Walnut
Neck Type: Wizard Prestige
Body: Mahogany body
Frets: Jumbo frets
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Pearl Off-set dot S Prestige inlay
Bridge: ZR2 bridge w/ZPS3
NeckPU: HGD1
MiddlePU: ST1
BridgePU: HGD2
HW Color: CK
Finish: SOL


I bought it for €1600 month ago, will sell for €1250 OBO.

I may consider trades for some nice guitars, or your guitar+cash but it would have to be something really interesting, but still I'd prefer cash.
I know I'm new here, but I've been on various other guitar forums for a while and I can provide ebay feedback for those who are interested, as well as I can make BIN-transaction via ebay for buyers protection.
I can ship worldwide as long as you pay for it, shipping within EU will be around €60-70. I accept PayPal. you can contact me at rzul@o2.pl or by PM
Any questions, offers just PM me
the first set of ics looks pretty sweet... the second one is a tad fugly if i may say so myself =/
I've never seen natural finished guitar that looks cool on pics, but when it comes to real situations many people complemented that this is the sweetest axe they've ever seen.
I think that if you saw it in person you too would have fallen in love if not - hey... if we all had the same taste there would have been only Les Pauls, Strats and Teles

Also despite the look both guitars have completly different character tonewise
Hey, would you accept a Gibson Les Paul Santa Fe for the JCRG?
Y hallo thar.
Gear: Bogner XTC Classic, Suhr Carve Top, Gibson Santa Fe LP, a few nice pedals. All good fun =3