Poll: Should I buy a Affinity of classic vibe
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View poll results: Should I buy a Affinity of classic vibe
Classic vibe wihtout mod's
6 55%
Affinity with mod's
5 45%
Voters: 11.

someone may noticed it but I am thinking of modifying a squier stratocaster. But now I saw the Squier classic vibe strat and now I am thinking of buying it but not to modify it.
So what should I do?
#1 Buying a squier affinity and modify the shit out of it
#2 Buying a squier classic vibe and leave it as it is.

depends on what style of music you play and yeah, like the guy above me said what mods youd be doing on the affinity

personally i love the classic vibe series, i played one a few weeks ago and was just like "thats a squier?!" i'll not lie when i say it was one of THE nicest guitars i have ever played. I was only really playing bluesy stuff on it though, like a bit of Hendrix and SRV and John Mayer so im not sure what its fully capable of
Yes, we'll need to know what kind of mods you plan on doing. If you plan on doing a pickup swap, I'd suggest you get the Squier Affinity, but if you only plan on doing cosmetic mods to make it appear somewhat vintage, get the Classic Vibe.
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the mods I wanted to do is change the pickups, maybe paint it dark green and replace the tuners and the nut.

That's it.

The music I play is sum 41, blink and stuff like that also sometimes little metal and blues.
Nope, get a squier with a maple neck already. As it has been repeated many times squiers are known for having surpisingly good necks. And that is whats considered the best thing of the squier its neck. So it would be not good to buy a squier and replace the neck but keep the probably not good body.