Poll: Which Guitar Finish on my custom ?
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a) Mirror Finish
8 47%
b) Silver Finish
9 53%
Voters: 17.
as many of you may know (yes im that popular lol ko) im in the process of saving up for a custom guitar, with the same body shape as Matt Bellamy's... a truly stunning design in my eyes...

originally i planned to get a mirror top finish but now im kinda in indecision =/ i was thinking that a mirror top would be a tad hard to keep perfecto, which is of course when its at its most gorgeous so i figured i would look to the community to help me with which of these 2 finishes to get...

a) Mirrored Finish
b) Silver Finish
mirror for sure the extra cleaning would be worth it I think it looks sweet
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the mirror one looks better.
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i prefer the mirror in theory but it will not make a good workhorse. it will probably end up looking like crap.

since this is a custom guitar, why not get the maple neck dyed grey to go with the body. just a suggestion.
well my idea is either to get the silver/mirror top then get the back and sides painted either black or silver, in indecision over which would work best

i reckon i can be careful enough with the mirror top.... get hold of a hard case which it remains in at all times, or maybe a wall mounted stand for it, just to avoid any potential damage...

i mean damn the mirror does look SHEXY =DD
I think a slightly aged (it seems a bit beaten up in the picture) silver finish would look absolutely awesome on that guitar. Be considerably easier to clean too
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