If I were a bigger man, I would have the balls to say this. I don't. So I'll write it down, on a forum, and in wordpad. The man this is written for will never read it.

when the night grows late,
I forget that you existed.
Oh, you exist.

It's unfortunate,
these past few years.
I loved you as a friend,
as a brother, you protected me.

How I wish
I could of helped you.
How I wish that I
Would've told you that.

But you're gone and I'm here,
You left us, alone and afraid,
You left me thinking.
I was a poor choice of support.

I was just as clueless as you,
I didn't know you could make those kind of choices,
Not when you're this young.
You taught me that justice doesn't exist.

when I forget your face,
I think back to that day in the car,
when you showed off your track marks, like a badge of honor.

When I forget what you sound like,
I dial your number just to hear you mutter
Some sort of f/cked up apology, or an invitation to get some H.

I haven't called you in months,
and the last time I did,
I said goodbye and meant it.
Sometimes I can't sleep because of that.

I thought you should know.
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