hi guys
i have an epiphone lp, but ive never really liked it, so im going to sell it

so my question is what guitar should i buy???

i have thought about a hellraiser solo-6 limited fr
and also an ltd ec-1000 fr

this means i love the lp shape, want emgs, and also want a floyd rose...
so maybe you can suggest guitars that fit these categories.

but theres some things i wouldnt like, a guitar as heavy and fat as the one i have (the epi lp), and a difficult neck.

i saw that the ltd uses the same scale, 24.75', as a lp but has 24 frets... would this cause any incommodities?
the solo-6 is a 25.5 with 24 frets... but i heard it's as fat as an lp and maybe as heavy???

help me choose a good guitar plz
money is not a problem unless it cost alot more than $1000
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The Hellraiser Solo 6 is a nice guitar, but it is at least as thick as a Les Paul and heavier. The one I played had a great feel to it. From what you've said, I think you'll be happier with the LTD 1000. It is thinner, lighter, has ESP pickups and some models come with an ebony fretboard, which is always a plus. I don't know if that applies to the ones with the Floyd Rose, though.

The difference in scale length is marginal, and it won't be of any consequence with a 24-fret fretboard. The frets will be slightly closer together, but not so much that you would notice it.
ah thanks guys, now im sure that the ltd was a better choice, although slightly more expensive but not by much

and its good to know the neck scale wont be a problem