How in turds name do u play this lick fast! im struggling!

any ideasss!?

and also, how do u figure out what key/scale a songs solo is in, i honestly dont know

put your index finger on the 12th fret of the e, B, and G string, play it with upstrokes (like a sweep) and repeat.

also if you know the song, try finding it on youtube and see how they play it.
Barre the 12's, pull off on the 15th with your pinky, and use your ring finger for the 14.

Use a metronome, play it slowly. Trust me, you'll get it with practice.
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I personally would play it like this


As it's the same notes but moved to different strings, depending on which phrases are before and after this lick and the position change is do-able

As for the key, it depends entirely on the chord underneath the lick. Immediately it looks like the E shape of E minor penatonic, but it could be G Major or a modal idea

Hope this helps!
Thanks man

i was reading somewhere about fade to blacks solo being a Diatonic scale, but i thought its in E minor

and is there any lessons that can help me understand scales and keys

im a scale noob (Y)
basic quarter notes to pocket it , used whatever works for you i think man economy pick, sweet or alternate with the right hand and you can either bar the left index finger or you can jump strings really you should be able to do all of em if your able to nale quarter notes