HI there, Ive got lots of guitar parts for sale. Bodies, necks, pickups, tuners. All bought for projects that never really got off ground level I'm afraid. So here they are for sale, for the next budding guitar builder.

Cherry Sunburst Ibanez Style body complete with licensed floyd rose! Flame maple veneer. Solid body, not ply, complete with strap buttons.

Old Korean Squier body in great condtion. Fiesta Red. Complete with genuine Fender USA vintage tremolo.

Dimarzio pickup set. 2x single coil Cruisers, 1 "Breed" bridge Humbucker.

Fender Custom Loaded Black Scratchplate. 3 ply. Texas Specials. 3 mini switches means 13 tones!

Sperzel 6 inline gold locking tuners.

Wilkinson 6 inline black EZ-Lok tuners.

Strat style left handed neck. Maple fingerboard. Had the "hendrix treatment" Reversed for right handed, complete with graphite nut.

Ibanez style neck. Rosewood fingerboard. Complete with locking nut.

For more photos follow the link below. I'm open to offers on all items.

All the items are in Edinburgh, but I'm going to be in Glasgow all day this coming Wednesday (9th).
PS. Just found a left handed locking nut if anyone's interested.
How much are you after for the Ibanez body w/ licensed floyd?
and how much for the Dimarzio breed humbucker?
How much for the Sperzels?
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How much for the breed bridge and the two sets of wilkinson and sperzel tuners?
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how much for the ibanez and strat bodies and the dimarzios
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Put your prices on here mate.
Saves you answering a lot of PM's!

I second this
yeah I'm interested in a good bit of this. Would be nice if you could post a price list
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hey man can i live in the us, really intersted on your dimarzio rails and breed and how much for all
how much for the loaded plate?
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