Okay, i have a bit of a problem regarding my G400.

You know that sound that you get when you touch the tip of the end of a guitar lead, plugged into an amplifier? That's the same sound i get when i plug in my G400, nothing else, just "static"

Its definetly the guitar because ive swapped round different guitars and nothing else has the same problem

Does anybody know what could be causing this?
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It is probably a bad output jack. Carefully remove the jack and see if any of the wires have broken from their contacts. Check the spring metal contact to see if it is making proper contact with the tip of the guitar cable.
^+1 - could be that

Sounds like your guitar is not grounded properly.

There is some good info in the Guitar Set Up Sticky over in EG that talks about grounding. Check through that and then PM me if you are still having problems.