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What do you think of flying? Are you scared of it? Does it excite you? Does it bore you?
I have a slight fear of it :/
Tell us stories of creepy passengers who have sat next to you, etc.
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On topic, not particularly. More chance of getting in a car crash, and if the thing goes down, it's going to be a very quick and one sided encounter.

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I love flying and I actually like aeroplane breakfast food. The only thing I hate about flying is if you have a cramp in your leg and you can't move.
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I love flying.

I've nearly got my Private Pilot Licence, pretty much. It wouldn't take me too much more to get it, but money is a major problem when it's £140 a lesson

But I love flying in any form. I've been in a bad car crash so next up is the plane for me
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I never used to like it because i would always get airsick. But now I'm a big boy i can deal with it, but i still won't eat aeroplane food - except for the kit-kats, and the fruit salad with 1 grape in it.
I aspire to become an Aerospace engineer, and I plan on getting my Pilots License.

Flying is epic. Time Travel would be better though.
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I love flying and I actually like aeroplane breakfast food. The only thing I hate about flying is if you have a cramp in your leg and you can't move.

Lol, reminds me of the time my stepdad got arthritis urica because he didn't move his leg while sitting in the plane. He couldn't walk for 2 months
Bleh. Well I am fine with Boeing 747's, (the big jets), but the smaller ones are horrible.
Flying is rad.
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Last summer I was going to Germany as part of the foreign exchange program at my school. We were flying from Atlanta to Paris, then from Paris to Frankfurt by Air France. A couple days before we went, there was an Air France plane that fell apart mid-flight. That was comforting. I didn't know about it until I got back, though.

Other than that, I've flown a bunch and I hate it. Usually because I am always on very long flights. It doesn't really frighten me or anything.
Im a student pilot, f.ucking love it. however as a passenger I have the misfortune of always being seated next to fat people or crying children... Once i had 4 crying children surrounding me, I kid you not, it was a nightmare.
Flying is fine. I enjoy take off most.

Only bad flight was one where we were coming home and one of the seats was bust so it would sort of collapse down a bit if you put too much weight on it. It was right by the toilet, so people in the queue would lean on the chair and everytime it would fall down. That was bad.

Oh and I think that one might also be the one were we got diverted because of a storm. Landed like 45 degrees to the run way and had to get off the plane all the people in the back first to stop the plane being blown around. That was fun.

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I hate flying. All you can hear is the engine whining and kids in the row in front crying. Anyone over 6" can barely move, the food is crap and so are the inflight movies. Then they'll probably just lose your bags and blame it on something/someone else.
I love flying. I wanted to be a professional pilot but I realized that nowadays the job is nowhere near as romantic and exciting as made out to be and I have terrible eyesight.

So I'm going to learn paragliding.
never flown in my life beside one time i was in a hot-air balloon when i was like 6

not a fan of heights but doubt it would bother me inside a plane
Gotta keep my eyes from the circling skies...
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not hated
I hate flying commercially. I love flying in small airplanes. And seeing how I fix them I get to do it constantly.
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Flying is fun, I do it a lotttt, every other month at least, back and forth from my 2 homes. My favorite airport is Schipol in Amsterdam <3 I've had plenty of creeps sit beside me and try to chat me up, thank god for music and books...
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I very much enjoy flying.

In fact, I even liked the time we had small turbulence. The bumpy things were fun

S t a i r s s r i a t S

I've flown enough, and I find it to be really quite boring. I've never sat next to a creepy passenger either. Kind of like my life, very uneventful.
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I hate flying. Probably because all the flights I've been in were long international flights. I hate waiting an hour in a long line just to check in baggage then waiting another hour to board the plane. And once I'm in the plane I have to sit in a cramped little space for 8 hours, a lot of times with crying children near me.
I like it. Once I finish school and move to a more mountainous area, I'd like to become certified in a couple of free flying aircraft - mainly paragliding and sail planes. The area I live in now is completely flat.
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You just reminded me of a truly sick and twisted dream I had last night. I've been trying to remember what it was all day.

Do I care to explain? Why of course!

A note of warning: this isn't very realistic and I can only remember a small part.

I was watching the skies and I see a large green aeroplane pass over head. I imagined it crashing. For some reason it did a loop. For the same reason it plummeted towards the Earth on it's back.

It blew up in a mushroom cloud. People were screaming all around me (crowded place). People were seen to be thrown into the sky from the explosion and then fall in a way that reminded me of the WTC attacks. My heart and stomach were pulled from my chest and squeezed with the full death throes of my guilt. I felt incredulously sad and sick to the bottom of my chest.

Those people who were flung from the blast were by far the worst part. That messed with my head.

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Are there things about our unive... er nah flying doesn't bother me, sort of fun at take-off/first 5 or 10 min but then it's boring.
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Meh. Best parts are the take-off, landing and strong turbulence. Rest of it is fecking boring. Although one of my friends is certified to fly small planes, so sometimes he takes me up and does a few loops, flying upside own, etc.
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I kinda like flying, but there's always this part of me that just doesn't believe it's actually happening. I mean, I know the physics a bit, but my gut feeling just says ''no fucking way''.
And what is more, there's been a bloody purple nose and some bloody purple clothes that were messing up the lobby floor. It's just apartment house rules so all you 'partment fools remember : one man's ceiling is another man's floor.
I hate heights, but flying doesn't bother me. My dad is a pilot so i've been going on planes since I can remember. Flights just going to another country are dull though, and I agree babies should be banned.
I've never flown before. I'd like to though, i'd hate to sit still for that long (even though I probably do it when i'm on the internet all the time) but I doubt i'd have any kind of phobia or anything.
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i love sitting next to the wing

That's the worst. Can't see shit.

But yeah, I'm always a little nervous going in (but I'd imagine most people are), but I enjoy it once you get up and start cruising. It's definitely best when you fly over something interesting. Flying into LA was pretty rad. Same with flying out and taking a look back down at the coast/city/etc. I went during the wildfires, too, and it was crazy to see them overhead. The flight from LA to Atlanta was bad (couldn't see anything the entire way), but they had live TV. Oh, and those little radar things where they show you what you're flying over is bad ass.
Flying is sweet

I can sit on a plane for hours, a train and a car with no problems but if im stuck on a bus for like 5 hours i start to feel sick

Dunno why
i've been flying since i was 4 so it's no big ordeal with me. there was this one really talkative twilight emo person next to me last time i flew. she was somewhat annoying.
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I love helicopters, once I went up in a sense I never came back down. Too bad it costs much to learn to fly.
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