Are there any stores that sell metal shirts? Every now and then I see a metallica shirt or a motorhead shirt but are there any stores that sell more death metal-black metal shirts? Usually I buy online or at the concerts but it would be a big help if anyone knew any places to go. I live in NYC if thats any help in recommending specific places.
Just google band shirt shops NY or something.
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No, seriously.

Sad but true. As much as I hate to admit, I bought a Dream Theater shirt (and the first 3 opeth CDs) there. They also had a cool Cannibal Corpse shirt and some other good metal shirts. No one has to know where you got the shirt, you can just repress the memory.
Just look for the official band stores online!

I really have almost no reason to go to hot topic anymore but to see if they have any good gauges/metal shirts and for a good laugh because of the scene kids.
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a good store has gone to shit. damn you scene kids!
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if you ever go to europe, camden in london or big fleamarkets in germany...also for the less mainstream things...
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