Can someone suggest me some good high output passive humbuckers for metal and rock. I would also appreciate if they had quite a nice clean tone in the neck aswell. They are going into a LTD MH-250 if that helps. Also my amp is a Roland CUBE 30X. Thanks in advance
Duncan Distortions, Bareknuckle Holy Diver, DiMarzio Crunch Tone & LiquiFire. There are many more.
I for got to say that I'm in the UK and my budget is around £100
The ones I mentioned would be at the far end of your budget. For a less expensive pickup that sounds very good for both clean and overdrive, look at Carvin's M22SD (Bridge) and M22V (Neck) pickups. A set will cost you about US$80.00. I've put them in a few guitars over the years and they definitely deliver a great tone.
k looks like im going to be the one to say it, but spending £100 on pickups with a crappy amp is a waste of time, youre far better off saving for a tube amp.

threre. straight from the GGnA script

however if your going to be stubborn, look at swinesheads
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
You won't notice much difference using that little Cube, in fact it'll probably sound worse! SS/Modelling preamps do not like being driven hard the way tubes do. But...

...assuming you're buying good pickups now with a view to upgrading your amp in the near futuer, go for a low-output neck bucker (something along the lines of a SD '59, or whatever brand equivalent you fancy), and then a medium-hot ceramic p/up in the bridge.

Irongear, Guitarfetish and Toneridge all make great budget pickups.
Get a new amp first, I've got that very amp and guitars pickups, and the amp IS worse.

However, for after you get a new amp, which will be recommended as the Blackstar HT 5, if you still have that budget... Seymour Duncans, DiMarzio, Irongear ect.

If you want cleans as well, put a 59 in the neck and the sh6 in the bridge (both Seymour Duncan). Apparently that's an awesome combo.