didn't work out to well. Theres less buzzing around the treble strings, but more buzz around the bass strings. Theres barely any difference in treble strings, but i think its alittle better, maybe not.

I turned my truss left( because I thought righty tighty lefty loosely). because my french teacher told me i need to take some tension off the truss rod.( he say the guitar and played it, and hes a gear guru, so i trust he's right.) So the bottom line is, theres more buzz now after I did that. And my bridge height is pretty high, So I don't know why the guitar still has fret buzz. And if I brought it into a guitar shop to get it fixed, how much would it be> I'm thinking something has to be done with the frets, unfortunatly. ( i'm canadian, so in Can. Dollars, what would the price aproximatly be?)

sorry for all the text Ug

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Umm... have you tried adjusting the bridge? (Iby, so I'm assuming you've got an EdgeIII, which means half an hour or so of turning a screw and retuning the strings)
Try turning the screw on the Edge (in the back of the guitar) that corresponds to the side of the floating bridge that holds the bass strings.
Raise it a little (which means UNscrewing the screw, but only just a little, you'll see what I mean if you take the cover off the back and look at it)
I have to philosophies on this.
Learn by doing from trial on error.
(I do this, as a result I'm the guitar-tech for most of my friends)
Or get it done by a pro, Your guitar is less likely to fuxx up and it'll be best.

Take a close look at the strings as well.
Did you adjust the action straight after a restring?
Is the bridge floating parallel to the body? (take a close look)
I gotta go, but good luck
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try looking in the setup thread that is a sticky. go through the steps slowly and carefully. if that doesnt help or you cant figure it out (its not too tough) then think about taking it to a tech. maybe gonna cost $50 or so for a good setup.