Trippin' out, dude stop flippin' out.
Don't fear the substance, words can say some dumb shit.
Like when the colors pop out of your girl
And her smile takes you on a trip that's out of this world.
To the cosmos, searching for soul.
Seems I like this place way better than home.
It's the bigger picture with a crystal clear view.
There's no atmosphere, or lies to peer through,
No gravity - to keep me planted on the ground,
Stifling my thoughts to force the visions through sound.
Ask the man on the moon what he thinks of this life
He doesn't give a **** he just gets high in the night
Shines bright, provides light, his head's right
Never bothered to ask the tides if it's alright.
But that's the price when we free our mind
So leave behind the others who never seem to make time.

Tell me, how sick it would be
If we could dance through the nebulas and walk on Saturn's rings
Let me tell you that nothing is impossible
Just follow suit girl and let's journey down the rabbit hole.
I'm feeling illy vibes off these silly cybes
Got us laughing and looking up at the pretty skies.
The ocean breeze helps to ease the mind
Let's walk across the beach, and travel in the sands of time.
Look! I can see my spaceship in the distance
Quickly come with me - and we can both forget this.
BLAST OFF! Straight into hyperdrive
Flying through the night watching all the planets pass us by.
Imagination, that's what the people say
Till they see me zooming and cruisin' through the milky way.
My insights, take flight in their brains
The lyrics stir their soul while the music course the veins.

Night's over, the day is finally rising
All the creatures wake up and the sun comes out of hiding
And the moon falls asleep with dawn on the horizon
So open up your eyes and realize the skies are dying.
Yea I laugh when they say that the sky's the limit
Cause there's much more to this life than the world and what's in it.
So pardon me, for taking this opportunity
To let the universe guide and show me what there is to see.
Kick back, relax, enjoy the finer things
Like skunky tree and the angels that bless my dreams.
I awake, heavy like lead
With a voice in my head, "put the evil to bed."
For the evil to rest requires the flesh off my chest
But I'm afraid it'll take my soul and collect
Yea I'll do my best, to vanquish this disease
From the land and the seas so we can all be free.