I'm getting a new electric guitar soon but I'm still unsure of what to get. I'm into metal/ rock/. I'm willing to spend 450 pounds or a bit more at the most. right now I'm playing stuff from bullet for my valentine, metallica and children of bodom. What do you recommend and why ?

edit: forgot to mention i'm from england
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Ibanes's S-series has some nice guitars in that price range. Could get a good RG with that too. ESP Ltd has loads of good guitars in the price range, for example the MH-250. I'd recommend these guitars because they have a good tone for heavy music and they play damn fast, perfect for Alexi Laiho -style shredding, and also because they've got a very high quality-to-price -ratio IMO.

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I'd go with an ESP LTD, because its the same brand that all those bands use, but the cheaper version. Other than that, I'd say an Ibanez RG, because they are inexpensive, yet really good quality guitars.
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BC Rich's and Ibanez's are great for metal playing. I personally play country and Metallica and my BC Rich has a great tone for both genres. So if you are into heavy metal I would recommend the BC. BC Rich Warlocks are really cheap and are equipped with BC Rich pickups. The guitar is a little top heavy so it takes some getting use to when standing up and playing.
an esp with emgs possibly a Floyd Rose
emgs are some of if not the best pickups for what you want
bfmv metallica and cob all play esp
you could get alexi's sig its around 400 i believe but it only has a bridge pickup
check out esp and see what you like
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Don't get a BC Rich at that price range. Their lower ends kinda bite. I'd suggest an ESP or an Ibanez.
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I'd say ESP. They have good guitars in that price range, and BFMV, Metallica, and COB all play them.
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hmmm... i'd say either a ESP, Ibanez, Or Schecter. just to make sure i'm on the right track, 450 pounds is like 700 canadian ight? o and before i ask anything.. kinda amp yeh using. if solid state. i'd get passive pickups, if tube, i'd get either passive or actives.



If your willing to go used, get a schecter blackjack ATX or a hellraiser c-1. The only down side to schecters for some people is that they have fat necks, i have a damien 6 FR and i love it, got passive emgs. but for your style i'd get actives.


Ibanez has the wizzard neck which would be good for shredding and all that. only downside i find to ibanez, is alot of there models have a trem which you might be looking for since all of those bands use a trem. another downside i don't like unless you get into the signature ibanez, they all have those cheaper pickups which i find are crap.


All of those bands you named up there use ESP with trems. They all use emgs, except cob whom uses blackouts. ESP's are good for shredding also. Maybe if you can, i'm to lazy to look for prices right now but try n get a nock off of a alexi sig,matt tuck sig or hammet sig.

again i wasn't looking to give out prices here as i don't feel like it atm.lol.. but i just wanted to suggest some brands you might like