i apologize if this has been posted 10 million times already...but here goes:

i have played bass, drums and guitar for about 10 years. each off and on. so i know a little about equipment, but i am thinking of playing bass in a band im trying to start with a friend..anyways..

i dont know a whole lot about bass amps. i know a WHOLE LOT of people use ampeg svt heads with 8x10 cabs...i however do not have that kind of money...

i have played through an Acoustic b200 head and 1x15 cab. it sounded good, but i have since traded it off. before i buy another bass amp i would like to be more prepared..

i want a good sound..i am clueless on bass tone.. i know who i like...paul mccartney, john paul jones, LOVE the zombies bass tones...well all of their tones...

i aslo dont know wattage compared to venue size, etc. the 200w acoustic was plenty loud in a bedroom practicing but unfortunately i have never gigged, so how loud?...i see people post upwards of 300w for gigs...do you really need that much?

i would prefer to keep my budget around $300-400 but not sure if i could get good quality for that.... any suggestions...

also i thought about putting a 200w 10in speaker in my REALLY cheap 30w 1x 10 rogue combo, would that make it loud enough to practice with a small band at least for now?

thank you for any help on this
Hmm look for a second hand trace elliot combo, a gp12 300, they come in 4x10, 2x10 and 1x15 speaker configurations and should easily be got for that price. Their great amps and will do the job perfectly. Then maybe stick a tech 21 Vt pedal before it and it would be perfect.
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