Okay so I'm a bassist but I've picked up guitar for the past couple of months and I've grown displeased with my current guitar tone. I run my guitar out of a Kustom 200W bass head and a Gallien Krueger 4x10 cab. I like how everything sounds clean, i can make it warm, and sometimes snappy. What i don't like is the tone Im getting out of my Boss ODB-3 pedal. I never liked it for bass either though to be honest

So i was wondering what overdrive pedals would be ideal for getting a nice bluesy sound, along the lines of Eric Clapton and BB King.

This is my guitar

I've good things about the ibanez tube screamer, what about the boss FBM-1 bassman pedal, or the Boss BD-2?

any help is appreciated, thank you in advance
the Behringer BO100 blues overdrive pedal can sound pretty damn awesome with a little finagling (i think thats a word)

It actually works to your benefit with this pedal that you have a bass amp, because IMO the pedal definitely need a little extra low end, I couldnt get a decent sound with most guitar amps so i tried a bass amp and instantly got the fat crunchy blues tone i was looking for.

Another offhand suggestion might be the Big Muff, i know its relatively famous for hard rock, I dont know if people use it for blues stuff but its one of the few pedals i own and when i want to do blues stuff i usually use that
I've been told to avoid berhingers at all costs because of quality issues, is that just for their amps? I'll definatly look into the Big Muff also, I play mostly blues right now but i also do some rock and other things so that might be a little more versitile for me. Thank you for the reply
Don't get a Big Muff for Clapton and King, doesn't suit them at all. A tubescreamer or something similar will work much better. What's your budget?

Look at the Danelectro Cool Cat Drive and Transparent OD. Both are low-mid gain and great for the price.