I'm pretty new to guitar and i'm having trouble playing strings next to each other. One of them won't make a sound and the only way I can get a sound is i'm fingering with my middle finger. I don't ready know how to play fast and tune it... I also don't know how to hammer ons/hammer offs etc... help?
Just practice. It's almost unheard of for people to just pick up a guitar and know how to play. It takes years upon years to learn guitar. But I think it's worth it. Have fun and try not to get frustrated. Take a look at some of the lessons here on Ultimate Guitar.
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It does take a lot of practice. It's easy for the more experienced folks to forget how unnatural and awkward it was at first.
I'd see about getting a teacher. Even if budget is a concern, if you can manage a handful of lessons, then this will at least get you started down the right path.