Simple: g2g bbn ttyl n sso cya

Detailed: Because these forums are too one-sided in terms of discussion, beliefs, and users, I'm leaving UG. I'm not going to waste precious moments of my life giving advice that's going to be shot down by people who have never even tried the methods I'm posting about. However, if people finally start living past the 1600's, I might come back. If you need to discuss anything, ask questions, or just talk, you'll know where to find me.

And because I don't want people's last memories of me as "getting banned for posting gay porn", I'm just going to post a link to an epic-ass song, instead. MFZBFTMFW

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Meh, you've only been here for a year. Try over 5.

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I don't think anyone has ever shot down your advice or your methods. Your views are as welcome here as anyones. If everyone here had the same point of view, discussion would be much less vigorous. You're much more knowledgeable about your SLS technique than probably anyone here. (certainly more than me, but that's not saying much....)

That said, there are a few things - like definitions - that, when not adhered to, can lead to really misleading information. Those are the kinds of things I will correct you on. (speaking for myself, anyway....) Those are things that are not arbitrary or open to interpretation, really.

In short, I won't tell you - and I don't think anyone else will either - that your technique is wrong. But I will tell you when your information is wrong.

I'm not going to beg you to stay, nor will I encourage you to leave. I will urge you to not be dramatic.

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Sorry dude, that's life. People are gonna disagree with you. If you're confident in your views it shouldn't make a difference. For instance, axemanchris and I disagree on a lot of facets of singing, including technique and terminology thereof, but what he does works for him, and what I do works for me, and I'm not going to leave because we have different opinions, nor am I going to knock what he does for any reason. Personally, if every person on this forum decided the way I sang is wrong, it wouldn't make a difference to me. I know what feels good, and I know what sounds good. That's the beauty of music and art, there aren't rules. If you're going to let someone's difference in opinion dictate what you participate in, or how you act, you're gonna have it tough in this life, my friend.