This is another 'Which guitar' thread, sorry

At the moment, I'm looking at



Fender Highway One

My budget is around £400 - £500 tops
And I'm also looking to buy a new amp after Xmas so suggestions welcome
I play any style, from blues, classic rock, punk, metal, etc
I haven't play any of them just yet, but I have played a few PRS Custom Shop (the 10k ones ), and a Fender USA Strat. Loved both of them, so how do the cheaper one compare?
Need more information, just ask.

P.S. My first post, so Hi
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Have you tried them both?
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I'd get the highway one, but play em both and decide which you want
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The Answer

Theres more. But those are the main ones
I play loads of different styles
blues, classic rock, punk, metal

I'm planning to try them both out soon
Just wondering everyone's opinions on them
Or any other suggestions (and suggestions for amps)
Can you post the prices of the guitars so we know what left over cash you have?
(to help with amps of course)
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The £400 - £500 is for the guitar only
I can't remember the exact prices, but there about £450 each, the strat is closer to £500
I'll probably have another about £300 after Xmas for my amp
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So, any suggestions?? (Guitar or amp)

for practice amps i suggest peavey vypyr 75 watts, comes with 24 amp models, 11 rack effects 11 stompboxes, is on sale now at my local retail store for $199. which i'm sure u can afford this.
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On my local store website, it got a peavey vypyr 75 watt for £250,
And the 30 watt is £150, so I'll have a look at them.

There is a PRS SE custom 24 for £430.
Fender Highway One is £499

There is also a Fender Classic Series 50's for £429
And a Fender Classic Series 60's for £499
When I get a chance to go I'll have a look at all of there's
So, what you all think??

P.S. Can post pics if necessary
i hear low end prs guitars can be junky but idk, i havent played any. the mim strats are decent for 400$ so anything above that is sure to be a pretty good guitar. you really cant go wrong with a nice strat. although i may suggest something with humbuckers. i hate single coil noise and a humbucker will not only eliminate the hum but thicken up your sound if need be.
If you play cleans and metal I would say go for the PRS, idk about this model but I have played my teacher's PRS and it def. can handle the metal and the clean as well, where as single coils obviously are not wise for metal.