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33 41%
Work ethic
47 59%
Voters: 80.
What do you prefer? Being lazy or having a good work ethic?

Let's say it's a Sunday and you got some stuff to write, stuff to clean, songs to learn, a task involving physical activity to do, or whatever, which involves several hours work in your day. You finish off, you sit down with a pint of beer and you feel good.

Or, you're lazy eating all day, playing mindless video games or whatever you kids do.

How's the better day to spend your day? I'm not asking what you do, but what you'd like to do
Quote by KeepOnRotting
Having a good work ethic is certainly more productive, but I prefer to enjoy my days off.

Yeah, everyone loves a break from working.

Maybe think about it this way; would you prefer several weeks of being productive or being lazy?
when im sober, good work ethic

when im stoned, lazy.
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Bitches be Crazy.

If I'm alone I will work all day, but if my parents are around i usually just wait for them to do it.

When my parents went on vacation I stayed home because i couldn't get the days off and all i did that week was eat, sleep, work and clean the house
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I'm lazy but work is work ya'no?
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its not a matter of preference. its a matter of not being lazy and doing things when they need to get done. then relaxing after its finished. thats what i prefer. but thats not anywhere near what i always do. haha.
your threads infuriate me

also: i work during the week: i chill on the weekends, if something needs doing/tidying/building it only gets done if i can be bothered
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Good work ethic for music, for everything else I'm lazy.

Quote by stevo_epi_SG_wo
your threads infuriate me

also: i work during the week: i chill on the weekends, if something needs doing/tidying/building it only gets done if i can be bothered

im sorry the internet bothers you so much.

OT: i like to chill out and write music, slowly, all day. so i guess i would be choosing lazy.
I'm a procrastinator. I'm not productive unless I'm forced to be by a looming deadline.

One example is right now. I have to write an essay about class analysis in eighteenth-century France, two thousand words, due on Monday.

What am I doing? Playing guitar.
i always feel better after i do a bunch of work and can relax knowing i got it all done, but that hardly ever happens.

laziness ftw
I'd like to have a work ethic. If I did have one, I'd have taken over the world already.
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I only have a good work ethic when I'm getting paid.
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I have a good work ethic. However, I always take some time off every day and occasionally I take the day off.
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I'd like to have a good work ethic; I don't play video games or sit around, but I find myself rarely doing what needs to be done that moment. I guess it's more of a crisis in prioritization.
I like being productive, but I also think it's important for a certain mix of the two.