So i've decided my next guitar is gonna be an HSS mim start,on which i'll change the pickups to dimrazios.
Thing is,i'm not sure which ones.
i know that im gonna put a True Velvet in the middle,for a nice,trebly clean sound.
Now, i need to see what i'm going to put in the bridge and neck.
For the bridge i'm thinking about a Super Distortion,which i heard alot of,or an X2N,same a the super distortion.
For the neck i'm not sure wether i want a moderate output humcker in single coil size, or a hot single coil.
My amp is a Crate Palomino V8, i use a boss DS-2, and i play Alternative,hard and punk rock,metal,grunge and alittle metalcore(mostly BFMV).
I did.
And the super distortion and X2N came out for me, and i couldnt pick one.
So i came here to ask.
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