Hey all, my bud gave me a RG 120 (Ibanez). I'm gonna mod it. Getting rid of crappy tremelo, adding better one or poss... a fixed bridge. Want to change pups. The reason I am doing this is, #1 for fun and #2 this guitar as far as being cheap plays real nice.
Looking for advice. Want neck pup to be articulate and bluesy. Want bridge to scream.
Also has anybody tried any of those GFS pups? Passive please no active.
Thanks in advance.
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Irongear Rolling Mill or Blues Engine in the neck and Hot Slag in the bridge. Best £50-60 you could spend on pups.
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In my RG, i have a Dimarzio PAF Joe in teh neck, it warms things up, but keeps it clear and articulate. I put a Dimarzio X2N in the bridge, and in my opinion it blows my friends emg out of the water. I only play metal with that guitar, but its possible to chill out a bit with those pups