Line 6 vetta perhaps?
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Quote by Banana Wedgie
Which Randall is the best SS? Anybody know?
Randall V2/T2 and the G3 Plus Series.
Price range?

And please remember, "best" is subjective as everyone's opinion on what's best is different.
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I guess whatever Randall Dimebag had was pretty good. He scooped the mids a bit too much though.
Quote by Banana Wedgie
His tone was awful IMO...

He had to much treble, his mids were way to scooped, and he had to much bass in his tone.
I thought his tone was just fine. I don't tend to listen to guitarists/gear heads on an idea of "good tone "anyway since websites like this give everyone the same kind of idea of how to get "good tone", which is missing the point of how to be creative with guitar.
well i have a modeling amp (Voc da50vt) and I can get a pretty good metal tone.

I also have my guitar in drop d.

I mean its not like extreme death metal but it does as metal/metalcore/hardcore PRETTY well.

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