Alright guys, I need to choose between a LTD Viper 50 and a Jackson DXMG (used). The Viper comes wiht LH-150s and the Jackson comes with EMG HZs. Which is pickup set is better? whats the difference?
I would hope the EMGs are better, but I've not heard good things about their passive pickups.
Jackson X series > LTD X-50 IMO.
I have a DXMG and it's amazing.
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DEFINETELY the Jackson. The LTD is nice, and I'm not a fan of EMG's active ones, but the HZs are extremely nice. The LTD is more of a beginners guitar, while the Jackson is a really good guitar. Probably more of a metal guitar, while the LTD cann handle stuff like AC/DC.
Jackson by far - it's MIJ, for pete's sake.
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