I'm getting my first Bass now my problem is that I'm not sure what sort of wattage I need ! I've heard I'll need from 30W too 350W !? How much do I NEED to be heard over my friends Lead Guitar (I'm not worrying about drums yet).
Uhm, firstly, you don't have to be heard OVER the leading instrument. You just have to be heard AROUND it.

Next, I find if I have anything around 100+ I actually find myself using the volume knob at around half the way round... then I get just at the same volume of the drums... and any louder I kind of ruin the ceiling....
Go solid state and get a good 100+ watts, but any where up to 1000 watts is good. The more volume you can add with out clipping or diode distortion the better. That's why bassists have rigs of doom like so.
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