Does anyone know of a program that can do this? I have a SRV Wolf Marshall CD that only has 1 chorus and 1 verse of certain songs and i want to convert it to a .WAV so I can make a full song out of it with my recording software. Thank you!
iTunes. Just go to iTunes preferences, import settings. There are a few options to choose from, including a .wav encoder. I'm on a MAC, but I'm sure not to different on a PC. Hope this helps.
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The file type is CDA and when i try to import the file it says, "you can select a format to import the file as dump". and then it has bit resolution and has bubbles u can check for 16 bit little endian (PC) 24 bit little endian (PC). No matter what i Do, whenever I try to load the file it says .wav is defective. I'm on windows and I don't have iTunes.
Actual music tracks on a CD are usually WAV files that you can't see; the CDA files on a CD act as a table of contents for software that "point" to these hidden music tracks. If the Player is registered to open CDA files, but you still can't play the CD, the CD may not have been created using CD-burning software (that is, the CDA files, but not the music files, were copied to the CD).

So, If you just copied the file from a CD (dragging the file on to your computer) all you did was copy the. cda and not the actual wav file.

P.S. you can download Itunes for windows for free. But I'm sure there are other programs for PC that will do the trick! I'm just not very familiar with those programs.
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