Okay so im a pretty huge metal fan and most of what i play revolves around modern day metal, death metal and hardcore, Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, Whitechapel,, I am trying to get the most Amazing, Clear, and Brutal tone i can possibly get, Now my Current Set up is nothing to special I have A Bc Rich warlock (bronze series :p) but last year i Slapped An Emg 81 and an Emg 85 into that baby and dont regret it one bit! I dont have a Stack but what i do have is the 50 watt Valvetronix tube amp with the 2 speakers, this amp has served me very well for around 2 years now I even have played a few shows with it with a band i have, It is suprisngly loud and has Suprisngly good metal tone when i turn it to the Nu metal distortion. Now I have read in many places online that Both guitarists in Killswitch Engage use the maxon OD808 and their tone is absolutley ungodly both are very good guitarists Ive even seen them on the main stage at mayhem fest and they were amazing suchamazing tone and talent, i know they use mesa boogie triple recs and what not and there is no way in hell im affording that at this point in my life, Im just wondering if the Maxon OD808 would be a good choice for me to really help step up my tone and really take it over the edge, i want my palm mutes to punch you in the FACE! My amp already has a built in adustable noise suppressor and i think that would be good enough to cancel any extra sound? any help is much appreciated =]! I want people to envy my brutal amazing tone! anybody who has had any experience with this pedal please help me out =]
It's better with a tube amp, bear in mind the killswitch guys have used H&Ks and Mesa's (i think) the maxon is a great pedal but for what you want you want a good amp first.
It will probably help, but it might not necessarily get exactly what you what. Guitar Center or whatever will probably have a Valvetronix and a Maxon OD808 and they would let you try it out.

Best option would be to upgrade your amp to something suited for metal, but if that's out of your price range a distortion pedal might work out better for you.

What's your price range (for a pedal)?
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I'm not sure if it'll give you what you want or anything mainly because this is the first time I've heard of it! But anyways try it out and see for yourself I guess!

I just put up some images of KSE's set up if it helps in any way
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OD9 is true bypass and it's only $20 more. I was under the impression Ibanez/Maxon dont actually make a TS808, they both make TS9's, put the 50c JCR4558 op amp (The chip that was in most TS808s, but they chopped and changed a lot) and badge them as TS808s. Was just something a read so don't quote me on that, I've never pulled them apart and inspected the circuit board side by side.

For about the same money you could get a Xotic BB Preamp?

Edit: Sorry, i went totaly off topic there.

The weak link here is the Vox, If you dig your B.C that's cool, i can respect that, but the Vox is a modeling amp yes? Sell it, take the $200 you were going to spend on a pedal, scrape together a little more and buy a secondhand 6505/5150 combo, you'll thank me later.
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