I'm in the market for a new bass cab and i was wondering what would be a good match for my svt cl, besides the obvious ampeg 8x10? I'm thinking maybe a 4x10 something a little smaller and easier to haul around, and that would still be able to handle the power of the svt?
just looking for any input
what are your purposes for the head? music style, gigging or casual jamming, etc?
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i plan on doing a fair amount of gigging, all kinda rock, funk, indie type stuff. i know thats kinda vague haha but i need something that can give me some good thump, with some crisp highs.
ya feel?
Sure, Ampeg 410 will be fine. Maybe a 212, it'll be more portable and punchier.

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Quote by ironmaiden=life
Ampeg SVT-410hlf would probably fit all of your needs.


or a 610hlf
Ya a 6x10, maybe go with a warwick 6x10 or another brand from ampeg to save wieight.
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If you get a 4x10 and decide later that you'd prefer 8x10s, then you need only get another 4x10. I've never been a fan of 12" speakers for bass, but some people love them.
I hate 12" speaker for bass cabs.

The Ampeg SVT-610HLF if you want the multiple speakers or the multiple cab setup the Ampeg SVT-15E/Ampeg SVT-12HE setup.
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not sure what sound your looking for and i highly reccomend exploring this on your own i reccomend the 8x10 alot but if you really need something smaller i wouldent go for the 6x10 because they are almost the same wight and size if your going to go thru allthe effort of lugging around the 6x10 you might as well have been hauling the 8x10.

the 4x10hfl is 4ohms so that would be your only cab you can use just so you know.

you could use two SVT410's and that would give you alot of output and portability if needed (can only bring one if thats all you need or you can lug one 410 by yourself just have to make two trips.)

if you want a more hi-fi sound use 410+115 just up to you again do some experimenting on your own.
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