Good Day,
I just bought two Celestion vintage 30's and two Celestion G12t-75's for a cab i plan on starting any day now. I plan on using 3/4" birch ply, and 1x1 pieces for internal bracing. I am using similar dimensions to the MESA Boogie Rectifier cabs, they are 30"w 33"h 15"d. I plan on using glued fingerjoints for the corners, with the bracing on the inside, and i will cover it with tolex. I have been browsing around for a month or so, and have found some good information so far. I have been sketchy on a few things though. First, will regular egg-crate foam on the internal walls be sufficient? Secondly, I noticed the MESA cabs have a removable back, ( probably for easy maintenance) what are your thoughts on having a removable back, and how would i go about making it airtight with a removable back. I play all things METAL (high gain, loud, fast) for the most part, but I like to calm down when i play my Les Paul and Strat. I plan on putting a Mesa Boogie dual or triple rectifier on top of it next summer.