im wanting to sell this bass, i dont use it, so its in really great condition, but need some advice since its a Starfire =p

What do you need advice for? Just hop on craigslist and post an ad.
advice for a price. i was goin to take it to guitar center but i think i'll have more luck on craigslist
DONT take it to guitar center, they'll rip you right off.
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how much did you buy it for?

How well is it set up? (Truss rod, intonation, action, good nut, etc.)

Are the electronics/hardware of good quality? These are questions you should ask.
Did you buy it used or new? If you bought it used, and it's in the same or better condition than when you got it, start at the same. If it was new, start at, say, 75%? I really don't have much experience.
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