I've loved this song for ages, but because A.S.a.P. never really took off very few people have heard of them, let alone done any tabs. (Took me years to find a copy of the album)

The song is on YouTube, and I have the full version (the YouTube one's about a minute shorter, cuts off the end) as well, if people need more detail.

Just holding out hope that someone can do this for me, I've never been able to work things out by ear.
Guitar Pro'd be ideal, but Powertab/Guitar/Bass would be great too.

A brief background: A.S.a.P. are the first band that Adrian Smith formed when he left Iron Maiden in the late eighties. They never really went anywhere, they weren't playing metal like Maiden, so a lot of the core potential fanbase weren't interested. This song is awesome though and it's a shame that genre stopped Adrian from continuing, in my opinion he's a great singer and I'd love to see him front a band again.