I started playing over 5 years ago, but took a two year break
ive been a year in now, constantly
my problem is that i basically taught myself, mostly using guitar pro so i never used to practice scales or anything, didnt even know what scales were, just playing songs
now my technique is seriously lacking, my left and right hand are not coordinated which leads to unwanted fret buzz
im not very relaxed when i play, always racing to get to the next note.
and also my timing is not very precise
so im basically at the intermediate level with an almost beginner level left hand
i know i should play scales and stuff like that which i do but always end up reverting back to just playing songs

any other advice to help me improve my playing?
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When I sit down to play I will put it on a clean channel and stay away from the computer. I will practrice the Pentatonic scales all over the neck for a good 30 minutes. When I first started doing this I sucked big time and was wanting to learn songs quick so I could "impress" with the riffs I learn. After more than a year I can go anywhere on the neck and play any of the pentatonic patterns without hesitation.
Short story is, MAKE yourself practice scales whether it's Major, Pentanic or whatever. Don't worry so much with speed right now just get the patterns down until you can play them anywhere on the neck. After a 30-45 minute sessions then play some songs.
One last thing, if you can find some get you some drum tracks (not backing tracks, keep all music out) and use the drum tracks as a metronome. I have found myself coming up with some good riffs JUST using scales. The drum tracks help with the speed.

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