Hey guys, I've got a bass, that the wire from the pickup to the input jack is fried. So basically I was wondering how much a new wire, solder, and approx. labor this might cost me? Thanks & Godbless friends.
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i had the same problem with one of my guitars last week.. it cost around 12 bucks for me.. but i also had to have a few other parts.. so... not a whole lot
yea, it won't be too expensive as long as that is the only problem.
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I had this same problem a couple years back with a bass of mine. It cost me 15 to get it done and 10 of that was the guy charging me for labor -_-

Like Traben said, as long as that is the only problem, dont expect to pay much.
5-10 it just depends on your tech.
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It's less than a £2 job yourself, if you have a soldering iron handy. It's a piss-easy replacement fix.

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It wouldn't cost me a thing. It's a matter of connecting one wire.
Do it yourself, you'll have that lovely sense of pride afterwards.

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You could probably buy a soldering iron for the price of getting somebody else to do it, then even if you do a crap job (not really sure how you'd manage that) and it goes again you'll always have the tools to sort it out
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