So, I will soon have about 300eu to spend (I'm selling some stuff + I saved up a little) + I will normally get about 350eu if I were to sell my hughes and kettner tube 50 head. So this leaves me with a dillema. Will I find me anything beter than my h&k for about 600eu? I thought about bugera's, there is a company in my country that makes cheap rectifier clones, and I was also thinking dual terror maybe.
But are these amps beter soundwise than my h&k, I like the clean and OD on the hughes and kettner but I think the heavy channel hasnt god the sound I'm looking for.
I play in a post-rock band so cleans are important but a good heavy channel is what I really need for the more doomy/sludgy songs we play.
I already have a good cab and we play large gigs.
I'm willing to go used and I live in Belgium.
I also play in drop C mostly.
Sounds I like are tool/isis/mastodon/cult of luna/mogwai/explosions in the sky/mogwai/...

Bugera 6262 will work for what you do. Check the blog in BeerChurchs profile to prep yourself and talk to your dealer. Not sure what else is really available to you unless you can list some stuff or a link to store etc. I'm not sure.

Or are you buying online? What is the used gear market like in Belgium? I can't imagine it would be that bad.