What did I just listen to ಠ_ಠ

The intro was good but most of it after that was quite...messy, the drums don't really fit, it's more like you mashed a drum machine for the track for this.

The outro's pretty cool though, just gotta fix the drums up.
whats going on with the drums?
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It's less the word, and more the title in general.
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It's less the word, and more the title in general.

Yeah, the word seems to be pretty well accepted now, although I don't use it.

What is implied in the title is pretty shit.
this is .... Beautiful....

i think i'm going to cry it's so pretty.

All sarcasm aside,

this is hardcore as shit. o_o''

the drums kind of ruin the song though.
...Until 31. I like that part :P

You need an outro.

Honestly this would be something i'd listen to with the right scream.

So i don't know if this song was a joke or not but it actually has potential.

Mind looking at mine?
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edit: Ok seriously now, with the drums try and go for some subtlety , you dont need to use the snare to emphasis everything. sometimes, not using reinforcing a beat in a guitar riff can be just as powerful.

I've attached an example, it is perhaps the worst riff in history, but hopefully you'll get the idea.
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dude are u good w/ drums? cuz i suck, can u help me w/ it?

You mean me?
I don't actually play drums but i'm decent at composing For em'

...I'll give it a try when i have a chance.
alright, I'll write a complete drumtrack tomorrow. just let me know if it's for RSE or for MIDI. I prefer RSE but MIDI will do as well
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Your drums need a lot of work. Here's my take on it; I didn't redo everything, but maybe you can just use the best parts of mine and Thorbors together.
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Wow much better.

But you definately need more instruments.

Use a seperate synth, add bass, and keep your two guitars.

I still think you need to take it easy on the snare, but even so, great improvement.

...I like your use of synth =P.*
AYE! if you LOVE

I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or not. Is the whole part in general good?
wow i posted on the wrong page. sorry dude
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I dont know if the drums were a joke or not... but if not then you should just practice a bit more
some of the riffs i actually liked and would mosh to. But er yea the drums were...hmmm...yep... I listened to none of the updated ones because im lazy

anyway you should totally review my song and be awesome
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i just listened to this thing...and i jizzed in my pants. epic man. loved it.
This might be better if the drums weren't completely retarded. Bar 37 and after would be cool if you actually had some standard rhythm going...